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Help Me Grow My Readership ~an Invitation

Every one of you is an encouragement to me to keep writing. Thank you, sincerely! You encouraged me when you decided to join this group. Many of you add comments or likes that help me know something I’m sharing resonates. Nevertheless, it occurred to me that unless you have a lot of blogging experience yourself, it can be difficult to know what bloggers need to build their readership in order to become more widely read. I thought I would share some tips for how to help me build my readership if that is something you would like to help me do! Any of these tips will do two things:

  1. Encourage me that you think my content is worth sharing and that you’re enjoying it!

  2. Help me to reach more readers: hopefully helping me to find even more like-minded readers who are looking for exactly this kind of material to read!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Continue liking my FB posts and commenting, responding to polls, and all of that good stuff. You might not know that you can also post things yourself: your own thoughts related to nature, literature, transcendence, art, etc… And you can share photos here with the group also (if you’re comfortable with this). I’d love for any of you to post and share photos to strengthen our sense of community.

  2. Read my blog, and if you enjoyed it, press the heart for liking it. Consider commenting on it also. Telling like-minded friends about it is another powerful option, and thank you to those who have done this!

  3. Consider sharing it via social media: either the blog as a whole or certain posts that resonate and that you think might be widely appreciated.

  4. Subscribe to follow my blog, which you can do using the “subscribe” feature at the bottom of the home page. Thank you to those of you who already have! This will deliver my posts to your inbox each week, and it’s also an encouragement to me to see people want to subscribe.

  5. Follow of_the_blue_flower on Instagram

  6. Follow @OfTheBlueFlower on Twitter

  7. Read my blog posts on Medium, and like them!

I now post all my blog posts on Medium, a platform that has the ability to greatly amplify online content’s reach. But the algorithms won’t pick up my posts and get them before readers without a certain number of readers and likes (claps), so if you read or clap for one of my posts, Medium might start to work it’s amplifying magic!

  1. Tell me what you want to read more of! What posts did you especially enjoy? What length of post works for you? What are some topics you would like for me to address within the overarching umbrella of nature, literature, and transcendence? Other related, broad topics can include: creativity, art, science, being, meaning, spirituality, love, soulful living and soulful parenting, so think whether there is something specific under one of those that you’d like for me to write about!

Even if you never do any of these, you are still very appreciated, and thank you! Thanks for joining our group and for being a reader here.

I hope that some of what I write about encourages or inspires you or, in some way, provides sustenance for your soul. Thank you for reading this and for considering how you might help me grow my readership!

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