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An Inward Happiness

"How can you live sweetly amid the vexatious things, the irritating things, the multitude of little worries and frets, which lie all along your way, and which you cannot evade? You cannot at present change your surroundings. Whatever kind of life you are to live must be lived amid precisely the experiences in which you are now moving. Here you must win your victories or suffer your defeats. No restlessness or discontent can change your lot. Others may have circumstances surrounding them, but here are yours. You had better make up your mind to accept what you cannot alter. You can live a beautiful life in the midst of your present circumstances." ~J.R. Miller

"Strive to realize a state of inward happiness, independent of circumstances." ~James Pierrepont Greaves (Both quotations from Daily Strength for Daily Needs, Complied by Mary W. Tileston)

Just a brief entry for whomever this might help today.

Will you join me in accepting what comes our way today and making the most of it? Let's determine to find things to be grateful for and to take joy in little things today. Let's make up our minds and settle our souls that here are our present circumstances, and we are able to meet them with peace and cheerfulness. There might be other lives to live, but here is ours. Peace and joy can always be found if we embrace our circumstances and look for the best in them.

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I think it is a difficult decision to make to seek happiness from our surroundings. Mostly, I believe that we complicate things by looking at the version of happiness by wanting to find glee as we knew it as children; that giddy, glowing, giggling sort of happiness. At the age I am now, I settle for a deep sense of contentment. It is far less frenetic. It is a softer and milder version of happiness that is more befitting of the years in which I find myself. I ask myself to take moments and choose to seek o ut contentment. It can be a choice, and it can be summoned with a deep and cleansing breath. Therein lies gratit…

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